All the world needs are good ideas for films, series and other projects as well as a platform where they are read and developed…

On the platform „Hollyboost“ ideas for films, series, books and game productions are published, valued and developed. Producers have the possibility to buy ideas. Provider of ideas have the chance to improve their ideas, offer them or sell them.

Main page: without registration

„How it works“ beyond this menu item you‘ll find help.







„Project ideas“

A project idea includes every idea uploaded in written form concerning film, book, series or game design.

„Projects started“

Here you‘ll find projects in realization. This means films, series, books or games are bought by producers or publishers and will be realized.

Under the menu item „project ideas“ you can search for contents or terms in the already uploaded projects. Here you may regard all the new uploaded ideas and proposals. You will get information about the content, but neither have permission to vote, nor to upload or to make proposals. Enter under „keyword“ or „author“ letters, words or text excerpts and the results will displayed beneath. Under sales status you’ll see all projects, project which still are for sale and project which already have been sold.


For starting own projects or ideas or participate actively in an idea, a registration is necessary. Please decide first wether to registrate as an „idea provider“ or as „audience“.

Do you have an idea for a project (film, series, book or game)? Then you are an „idea provider“. If you don`t want to participate actively but only view other ideas, vote and offer proposals then you are the „audience“. Please click „registrate“. Fill in the form and confirm the registration by clicking on „registration“. Please fill in all necessary fields.









As an idea provider you have to enable at least one check mark, e.g. the field „author“ or „producer“. You may as well enable several fields. Important: To have the possibility to check out the interest of the audience in terms of your ideas before realization you have to enable the check mark „producer“ or „publisher“.





By confirming your registration wether as „idea provider“ or as „audience“ you are logged in and will get to your user menu.

Logged in as „audience“

Please first have a look at your user menu. Next to your chosen user name appears an icon. Please click here to edit your profile or change your password. Under the item „biography“ you have the option to tell others about your biography, own ideas, texts or other information.

„My boosts“ lists all your so far regarded projects and gives you the possibility by clicking on the title to spring directly to the subitem „project idea“.

You will get information about the project and have the option to scroll through the exposé. Every idea is always written as an exposé. But treatment and film script rather refer to filmic interpretation. There is an ability to enlarge the view and to scroll contents. Beyond the content you see the date of upload, number of viewers as well as an „demand“ and „report“ button. In case you want to see more of a film script or are interested in a text please click on the „demand“ button. The author will get a messageandcandecidetoprovidemoretext. There may be texts which are not in conformity

Logged in as an „ideaprovider“

Please first have a look at your user menu. In addition to the possibilities that the „audience“ has you have the option to upload your own ideas. Under „My ideas“ you will get to a form. Please fill in all fields and describe your project or your idea in the field „details“. When all fields are filled in please click on „publish idea“. A new page will be opened. Please upload your exposé, which means a detailed description of your idea as a PDF file. Formulated ideas or projects will be uploaded as an exposé. Only film scripts or serie scripts which are already developed will appear under treatment or script. By using the tool flexpaper you can scroll page by page through your text. Of course you may evaluate your project with a „boost“. Under „my boosts“ you will get an overview over your already evaluated ideas including the respective level of development. Please leave your user menu and visit your own projects.

„Toolbox for idea and realization“

After having studied or evalueted the project by using the tool flexpaper you will get to the toolbox by scrolling down. 

This is the control center where all strings come together. At your current project you at first see your already determined price which you can modify at any time. The toolboxis still empty.







On the other hand film directors oder producers (or simple buyers) see, whether they click on your project, following screen:










As you can see here a lot of things are occured. The potential customer has undercut the price (entry in the field bid and confirm). The logo of the prospected customer will pop up with the bid. He has sent an email to justify his bid. Furthermore he has applied as a producer. The button has changed his colour.



Let us again have a look on your toolbox.

By clicking „accepted“ you have accepted the purchase price. The application as a producer you also have accepted. You have the autorization to refuse an offer or to negotiate.

The „producer“ or potential buyer now as well gets a message. Through the accepted purchase prize the purchase transaction beginns, which means Hollyboost sends two invoices to the buyer. One with the negotiated prize and one with the platform provision. From the amounts transferred Hollyboost will pay the negotiated prize.





The buyer now sees following information in his toolbox: 
His application has been accepted. Now he has the possibility to „test“ the idea before realization. Therefore he fills in a boost-goal and confirms by clicking the „confirm“ button.

According to the popularity of the idea more or less boosts will be given. If there has been installed a boost-goal a special graphic appears to inform about the state of evaluation. When the goal has been achieved the cloud and the rocket get coloured.












After having gotten an assessment for the buyer there are no more obstacles against the realization. Now he clicks the „realization“ button and fills in the data.

Every visitor now is able to see the start date and can be looking forward tot he finalization.