A family game; Golf theme

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Use of a golf simulator in a family General Knowledge quiz

A Hole Lot of Fun
Appeal. Families, golfers, visual, General Knowledge, skill
Golf simulator needed for golf but I think this can be adapted for footgolf too. Choice is therefore golf or footgolf for the competitors.
Families of three or four, mothers and/or fathers with two/three sons ? Maximum four players.
A golf ball is hit within the sector or a “target “ length and a general knowledge question of your choice is asked. The other zones/ not reaching the target length have other questions to answer if you do not hit the ball straight. Sector/ length is wider/ shorter for higher handicap players and children.
Questions for children will be set accordingly. Questions set by the creators.

Aim is to get the best score on each hole possible. A par wins £100, a birdie £200, eagle £ 300 or lucky dip prizes. Or prizes like a holiday, suitcases, electrical ware, kitchen/ garden makeover. The prizes are dependable on which company takes this on!

Maximum score is two over par then you will be bust. Booby prize for this?

In a bunker means a hard question! Out of bounds means a shot dropped. Prize for a hole in one!!

There will be straightest drive prize at the end of each show.
3/4 holes maximum. ?
Prizes will be awarded from companies who will sponsor the programme.

I will put this idea up for bidding

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